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Eclectic Press is proud to represent these talented authors on their literary journey.

Photo Credit: Stephanie Johnson

Sean Welsh

Sean Welsh was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio in the seventies and eighties. Upon moving to New York City, Sean started bartending and has continued to do so for over 10 years. In 2003 he co-founded "The Goodluck and All the Best", a quarterly literary journal distributed in NYC bars for two years. He watches 162 regular-season Yankee games per year and is always pulling for them in the post-season. Sean Welsh continues to live and write in New York City. You can connect with the author through Facebook or visit his page on Sean Welsh.

Author Sean Welsh is an Elit 2019 Bronze Medal award winner in literary fiction for his novel "Daylight Maybe".

We are pleased to announce the publication of "One From The Ice" a book of short stories by celebrated author Sean Welsh. One From the Ice was recently nominated for The PEN/Robert W. Bingham Award.

Allan Linder

Allan Linder is a contemporary artist, writer, and sculptor for nearly 30 years. He began drawing from an early age inspired by several generations of artists in his family. His drawings progressed into comic books, storyboards for film and television, character design for animation, illustrations for children’s books, and painting. Linder’s artwork is collected in nine countries, and his exhibitions span the globe. Linder’s commercial work is featured in many publications, and his fine art paintings are published internationally.

Prisoner of the Mind is a graphic novel sixteen years in the making and a personal project for the artist. This is Linder’s first published work as an author and illustrator. This book is being released as a serialized comic, soft, and hardcover graphic novel.

"Grasspeople is a story I wrote back in 1997. I started drawing the artwork then and got about halfway through the pencils and then this project ended up on the shelf along with Prisoner of the Mind. At that time, I was working in the animation industry which took up most of my time. Rediscovering this story a few years ago in a box of forgotten things was a pleasant surprise, it revived my energy in the idea and I knew I had to finish it." ~ Allan Linder

Kelly Mac

Kelly Mac, writer, and producer turned author has teamed up with artist, Allan Linder to create their very first children's book. "The Adventures of Supersass and Captain Clawmuffin".

The spirited heroic duo, SuperSass, and Captain Clawmuffin were inspired by Kelly's nieces and nephews, her love for her dog Drusilla, and the New York atmosphere.

Kelly, a graduate of NYU has written for the entertainment television industry for more than 15 years. Now, she has come to share some of her life lessons with the world through the simplicity of children's books.

Visit her website for more information: The Adventures of Supersass and Captain Clawmuffin.

Todd Gunzelman

Todd C. Gunzelman is a contemporary American author, inventor, and outdoorsman born in Southern California in the 1970s, where he now resides. He is best known for his functional inventions that accomplish simple repetitive tasks. He began his hand at writing at an early age, with several short stories, poetry, and eventually his love for the outdoors. But he remained unpublished until his most recent work “20th century and beyond”.


Eclectic Press

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