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Eclectic Press is happy to release Grasspeople comic book today by Author/Artist Allan Linder.

Eclectic Press is pleased to announce the official launch of Allan Linder's graphic novel Prisoner of the Mind, a graphic novel sixteen years in the making. This is Linder’s first published work as author, and illustrator. This book is being released as a serialized comic book, soft cover, and hard cover graphic novel. Linder has already garnered a warm welcome from Sci-Fi fans across the net. You can check out some of his press here at http://www.prisonerofthemind.net/p/press.html

We are proud to announce that the exciting new author Kelly Mac has joined the Eclectic Press team with her new children’s book “The Adventures of Supersass and Captain Clawmuffin”. Join Supersass and her faithful BFF Captain Clawmuffin as they embark upon an extraordinary adventure filled with art, puppets and intrigue! Their perfect day at the Metropolitan Museum of Art is foiled when they discover that Alon the Evil Puppet Master has cast a spell on all the children of New York City. Now it's up to Supersass and Captain Clawmuffin to make things right!

Join us for a children’s book reading to honor Veterans Day, and celebrate the release of "The Adventures of Supersass and Captain Clawmuffin".

Sweet Melissa Patisserie

Friday November 11th 2011

175 Seventh Avenue (btwn 1st & 2nd Streets) Brooklyn, NY 11215 Tel. 718-788-2700, From 2pm to 3pm

Celebrated author Sean Welsh joins the ranks of Eclectic Press, with his new book titled "One From The Ice". We are sure this book will be an instant hit. Sean Welsh has captured our hearts with his interesting story lines, detailed adventures and unique perspective on life. Book Release Party to be announced.

Eclectic Press is excited to announce that we will publish our first title December 1, 2007: Allan Linder 20th century and beyond by Todd Gunzelman. This fantastic new book is an accumulation of more than fifteen years of research about celebrated artist Allan Linder. This full color coffee table book has over 150 color plates of the artists’ work from 1979 to present. It documents the artist’s history of successes and failures, only to emerge as one of the great American artists of our time.

We are beginning an exciting calendar for 2012. With an aggressive publishing schedule of 5 new titles next year we are already busy. Please check back to often to see our list of authors.

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