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The Angoulême International Comics Festival 2024


Angoulême International Comics Festival 2024

51st EDITION - JANUARY 25 TO 28, 2024

71 Rue Hergé, 16000 Angoulême, France
+33 5 45 97 86 50

The Angoulême International Comics Festival 2024 will be under the sign of movement, focused on youth and creation! On the program of exhibitions: Riad Sattouf the Arab of the Future work-world, Nine Antico Room with a View and Lorenzo Mattotti or The Art of Running, Starting Line, there is No Point in Running, and Warrior Shepherds, for youth and young creation. For manga, a resolutely effervescent 2024 edition with the exhibitions Moto Hagio, beyond genres , Hiroaki Samura: bodies and weapons, Dracula: immersion in darkness. And of course masterclasses, meetings, workshops, and a very large bookstore where you will find comics, mangas, and comics, from the most popular to the most confidential readings.

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